Can PCIE-C5 only use Lane-0?


我在“Orin Series Design Guide”的“Table 7-5”看到PCIE-C5配置为使用Lane0~Lane7这8路Lane,见下图:

但我要连到PCIE-C5上的Wifi模组本身只有一路Lane, 所以我只连接了8路Lane中的Lane-0(其他7路Lane没有连接),这时使用“lspci”命令无法找到Wifi模组,在dts中把“phys”的另外7路删掉后也一样用lspci无法找到wifi模组,修改的dts见下图:

请问,PCIE-C5可以只使用其中的Lane-0吗? 可以的话怎么配置?


I don’t think you need to change the software. Default one can work even with one lane setting.

Wifi cannot be detected could be from something else. Maybe there is specific gpio needed to be toggled to make the card work. That needs to consult with card vendor.


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