can someone help me nvidia? geforce 8500 gt ...cuda driver proplem

i have geforce 8500 gt …gigabyte
i downloaded the driver [url=“CUDA Toolkit 11.7 Update 1 Downloads | NVIDIA Developer”][/url] the 2.1
and when i installed the driver ,i see that the vga is not working.and giving me screen with 4 bit colors

my video card works fine with the cd driver that comes with the product and also with the other drivers from nvidia website…but i dont know why it doesn’t work with the cuda drivers
can someone know a solution for that please ???i need the cuda

this is the error i get when i open badaboom software

why there is no one replyed to me ???

Cuda driver are now integrated in the last driver package from Nvidia
if you just want to use softwares build around CUDA you don’t need CUDA SDK and dev tools
just update to the last driver version (182.08 when i am writing this)
and if it still doesn’t work contact Badaboom support to know if your hardware is really compatible