Can the cable of an AOC be replaced?

Hi all,

I’ve got some FDR AOCs with damaged cables. I’m hoping to reuse the transceivers instead of scrapping them. I opened op the top panel on one of the transceivers and saw that the does disconnect internally. Are there replacement cables that have those little ferules on the end, or an adapter to convert the transceiver into a standalone?

Thanks you

For Infiniband FDR link, there are three components you can choose.

  1. DAC, direct attached cable, is the twinax copper cable having QSFP28 connector at both ends, which is capable of 3 meters long.
  2. AOC, active optical cable, equips SFP28 modules at both ends, which is capable of 100 meters distance.
  3. SFP28 Transceiver​, 56GBase-SR is the module that can reach up to 150 meters when used in FDR application.

You can have your choices base on your budget because DAC, AOC and Transceiver have different prices: Transceiver+fiber > AOC > DAC.

Since prices vary from vendors to vendors. I recommend you a company 10Gtek, who sells all of these products. You may have more products and connectivity advice when contacting them. Their website: