Cannot load sample usd file in Audio2Face

I was following the tutorial " Overview Part 1: Application Overview for NVIDIA Omniverse Audio2Face". However, my system crashes every time I tried to load the sample allison_v001.usd file.

What is your hardware configuration? Which GPU?

Not sure if this is the issue, but if it is related to opening the file in the localhost directly in the A2F app, this could be another issue.

We are waiting for a new Nucleus update that is coming out any time soon. For now you have to first download the Audio2Face sample files from your localhost in the Launcher. (like picture below)


Once you download it to your HD.
In the A2F app, you need to either open through the “Open File” menu
or from the Content Browser, navigate to where you downloaded the sample files
and open it directly there.

Opening from localhost would cause an error right now, but it should not crash.

I downloaded the folder and it works, thanks. Looking forward to the Nucleus update which will enable me to open it directly without downloading every time

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Great to hear this works. Will keep you posted when the new Nucleus update arrives.

Just a note, you should only have to download this once for the samples data.