Cannot make use of Always On (AON) GPIOs from the SPE/AON processor

I am using the “Jetson Xavier NX module (P3668-0000) ” Board and trying for"GPIO application demonstrates" by following the below this page [Jetson Sensor Processing Engine (SPE) Developer Guide: GPIO Application (app/gpio-app.c) ].

I’ve configured the .cfg and .mk file as mentioned in this document.

Facing the below errors after did the AON Changes. Is there anything else do I need to do with this?

�clk_set_parent failed for clk i2c2, parent pll_aon (-22)
clk_set_parent failed for clk i2c8, parent pll_aon (-22)
clk_dt_late initialized
machine_check initialized
pm_post initialized


teraterm_log.txt (30.8 KB)

The error log you pasted is not from SPE firmware.
It’s better to capture UART log from very beginning. (First log should be from MB1.)

You can also add some print code in SPE firmware to track where it goes.

(I’m assuming 32.5 BSP and SPE are used. That part is verified.)


Hope this log helps!!! Let me know if you need anything else

log.txt (36.5 KB)

I can see log from SPE firmware.
init uartc for combined uart

but nothing more.
It seems that no valid app is running.
You can check whether the spe firmware is updated correctly, and GPIO app is enabled.


OK. it working.

How many GPIO Pins and I2C bus we can controlled by this core? Could you share the details like datasheet or something??

It helps us to make use of this core.

You can check the corresponding Xavier or Orin TRM.
Generally, all resources with AON cluster are accessible from SPE processor, as long as they are not occupied, and pins are exported.


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