If all the GPIOs on JETSON AGX XAVIER can be operated by the AON/SPE Cortex-R5 core?

Hi, guys,

As we know, there’re two types of GPIO in Xavier, the AON cluster and No-AON cluster, and the big arm cores lie in CCPLEX cluster can operate all of the GPIOs.
Now I need to operate them via AON/SPE Cortex-R5 core in our project, but I’m not sure if all the GPIOs can be operated by it? or only the the GPIOs lie in AON cluster available for it? please help to verify it.
Thank you in advance!


Hello, Benson:
For SPE R5, only GPIOs in AON cluster are available.
Besides GPIOs, other modules are the same. SPE should only access those modules inside AON cluster, like SPI, I2C, etc.


Thanks Jian for your reply!
And it’s meet my understanding.