Xavier SPE R5 access to peripherals

Can the R5 access all the peripherals that the Linux cores can access?

From the documentation it is clear that the peripherals in the AON domain such as SPI, I2C, CAN, 2 UARTs can be used by the SPE R5. But, I’m not sure if the R5 can access other peripherals such as the other UART, I2C controllers etc , since it is also connected to the Control BackBone(CBB).

Any insight is much appreciated!


Hello, Sanjay:
Basically, NV strongly suggests SPE R5 accesses those modules within AON cluster.
For those modules outside AON cluster, even SPE R5 can access the module register, it will have other limitations, like IRQ routine, etc.
So please keep SPE R5 inside AON cluster.


Hi Chenjian,

Got it, thanks for the reply.