Can't access NGC DRIVE private registry

I can’t access NGC DRIVE private registry.

I already join NVIDIA DRIVE® AGX SDK Developer Program.

But I login in at NGC I could not find Private registry Menu.

How do I access DRIVE container?

Have you followed the document? Have you activated your account as below?

Also, I moved this topic to DRIVE AGX Orin General - NVIDIA Developer Forums. Please create such a topic about DRIVE AGX Orin there. Thanks.

Sure, I got the e-mail

Actually, I got a permission untill 2022, but suddenly I counldn’t access DRIVE container.

I made a ticket but nobody replied…
(Cant access NGC Drive container - #2 by user88056)

Did you mean you had no issue with the private registry before you reported Cant access NGC Drive container?

Yes, I already have DRIVE-OS 5.2.6 build containers. Now I want 6.0.5 but I cant

We are checking it and will update you. Thanks.

We just sent a new invitation email Please see if re-activating your account helps. Thanks.

Thanks, Now I can see it again.

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I met this similar issue. I never got the activation email from
could you help check it and re-send another activation email?

Let’s address your problem through the topic you created.

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