Can't find Jetpack5.0.2 in SDK manager

Hi Team,

I am using Jetson AGX Xavier SOM on Aetina carrier board. I am not able to find Jetpack 5.0.2. I have update my sdkmanager, but no luck.

My SDKMANAGER version is 2.1

can you please help me to get jetpack 5.0.2?

If the NVIDIA software is the correct software, then try starting like this:
sdkmanager --archived-versions

Note that L4T is what actually gets flashed (this is Ubuntu plus NVIDIA drivers), and JetPack is just a GUI front end to the flash software (sdkmanager is a network layer on top of that). This software assumes the carrier board design is that from NVIDIA’s dev kits. When that changes new firmware (device tree) is required. If your carrier board manufacturer has the same electrical layout, then they will probably state that you can use the NVIDIA software directly. If not, then they will either provide a patch to the NVIDIA software, or else provide their software (which is basically the NVIDIA software edited for firmware).

Assuming you can use NVIDIA’s software directly (consult the Aetna manufacturer first), then you can pick via L4T release or JetPack/SDKM release (I recommend going by the latest L4T release compatible with Xavier, R35.x):


Got it! Thanks for your support.

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