URGENT! Need to install Jetpack 4.6

My installation of SDK manager doesn’t allow me to install version 4.6

Tried sdkmanager --archivedversions, but it tells me that there are no available releases for Ubuntu 20.04, but all I want is flash the agx xavier… My workstation is Ubuntu 20.04 and I need to install Jetpack 4.6 do to incompatibilities with realsense2 in Jetpack 5.


This will probably be a pain, but before JetPack 5 (L4T R34+) an Ubuntu 18.04 host PC was required. I won’t guarantee it, but when you are using an older release (despite using a newer GUI frontend), I suspect you will need to use an Ubuntu 18.04 host PC.

I also won’t guarantee this, but in the past some people “faked” using a different Ubuntu release. See:
(you’d want to make it look like 18.04)

You can also try to use SDK Manager docker image to flash the board from 20.04 host.
The guide: Docker Images :: NVIDIA SDK Manager Documentation


Found the docker sdk installer very difficult to use.

In the end, bought another ssd for my workstation and installed there 18.04 and the sdk installed and done…

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