Can't login because the password of account nvidia changed

I tired to configure VNC with the tutorial below and restarted manually.
It reboot successfully. The interface of Jetson is LXDE in VNC reomote connection and Ubuntu in HDMI connection. After that, I couldn’t using ssh because the password of default account ‘nvidia’ has changed. I logged out carelessly and I can’t login any more. Could you please give me some advice?

Hi CNWindson,

Please follow below page to setup the VNC:

For steps-3, Set a password to access the VNC server
Are you replace the ‘thepassword’ to your password?

gsettings set org.gnome.Vino authentication-methods "['vnc']" 
gsettings set org.gnome.Vino vnc-password $(echo -n 'thepassword'|base64)

Thank you for your reply!
I have followed the page to setup the VNC successfully. But it’s terribly slow. I find the solution with the page above I mentioned. I’m sure that the password of steps-3 I configured is ‘nvidia’. I can use ‘nvidia’ to connect the Jeston remotely using RealVNC on the other devices before. But I can’t use ‘nvidia’ to connect it with ssh.

emm… I can’t login my device now. I don’t know what happened. It just like someone modified my password of default account ‘nvidia’. I will flash the device later and try to recurrent this situation. I will record the details here. Many thanks again.

I flashed the device and now it restart normally. Later I’will follow the page to configure tightvnc again and check the default password of my account.(I have modified the default account’s name and password when flashing)

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