Carrier board for the Jetson AGX development kit


I have a Jetson AGX development kit but unfortunately the carreier board is not working anymore (due to some test i have"kill" the board)

As i have more the one, i realize that the part which contains the Jetson AGX+the fan works fine. I have checked some carrier boards but the problem is that they do not fit with the fan.

Do you know some carrier borad that can fit with the Jetson AGX+the fan?

I have also check on internet to remove the fan from the Jetson AGX but it looks like it is not a good idea.

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Isn’t the “more the one” board same as “killed” one? I don’t understand why it can’t fit with AGX+fan? Can you share a photo of this so that we can get it clearly?

Sorry i think i did not explain myself…

i have 2 original jetson development kits. The development kit is composed by a carrier board + the jetson AGX (with the fan included).

For some of these development kits the carrier board is not working anymore. I have used the other carrier board with the Jetson AGX and it works fine.

The problem is that now i have 2 Jetson AGX (with the fan that i can not remove) and only one carrier board. Therefore i need to get another carrier board if i want to use the Jetson AGX.

As it looks like i can not buy the original carrier board from nvidia, i have tried the “compatible carrier boards” like this one (X220 carrier for Jetson AGX Xavier – Auvidea). I have also check all possible carrier boars (Jetson Partner Hardware Products | NVIDIA Developer) but the problem is that these carrier boards are made for the jetson AGX without the fan (i.e. not the one of the development kit) and it looks like you can not fit (due to some border of the fan) the jetson AGX with the fan to these boards. I have contacted all of them and no one is telling me that at 100 % will fit the board with the jetson AGX + the fan.

In this context, my questions are…can i buy the original carrier board from nvidia? is there a carrier board that can be used with the jetson AGX with the fan?

hope now it is clear…


Got it. The carrier board is not for sale separately. Maybe you can check with the vendor in ecosystem to see if any fit board. Jetson Ecosystem | NVIDIA Developer

Yes, thanks. I think this is the list I’ve already checked. The problem is that i already bought one and it does not fit. When i try to ask usually or they say that does not fit or they do not know 100 %.

My question here was to see if someone knows a carrier board that at 100 % fits with the Jetson+fan of the development kit.

I know it is a strange situation but let´s see if someone knows something and i can still use the jetson. My next option is trying to remove the fan from the Jetson, but I’ve read on internet that it is not easy and i can “kill” the jetson.

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