CARRIER_PWR_ON pulsates when TX2 is rebooted at 80°C ambient


We have designed a carrier board with TX2 and deployed for thermal testing and observed that, at 80°C ambient the SOM temperature was found to be 95°C in the tegrastat command. At this condition if we power cycle/reboot, the CARRIER_PWR_ON pulsates at 8Hz and SOM does not boot up.

Can someone kindly clarify the reason for this behavior.


It looks like the Tcpu is too high and so cycle reset. Please check the thermal design guide for more detail info.

Hi Trumany,

Thanks for replying. The info provided was for Xavier but I referred the thermal design guide for TX2.
In the Jetson TX2 thermal design guide, Figure 5-2. Thermal Solution Based on Measured Module Power and Ta, the maximum ambient temperature ( Ta ) mentioned in the graph is 55°C. What is the behavior when the temperature exceeds 55°C.


The key point is to keep the temperature of TTP under 80C, that will guarantee system temperature is under limit no matter Ta. Please read Table 2-1 and Notes below.

Hi Trumany,

Thank you, I read the document and it is clear that the temperature of TTP should be kept under 80C. I understand that this ( pls refer the quote ) issue that I stated of TX2 not rebooting at 80C ambient is because of TTP temperature and ambient temperature ( Ta ).
From the section 3.1.1 Jetson TX2 Thermal Performance, is it right to note that Ta should always be less than the temperature of TTP?
Can you please confirm if my understanding is correct?


No, the only key point is temp of TTP.