CentOS 6.8 and 3D monitor refresh rate problem with quadro K5200

I’ve encountered a problem with resolution and refresh rate with Nvidia Quadro k5200. I’m trying to set 120Hz refresh rate on 24" Asus monitor (this was tested on Windows also, it works). If I apply resolution and refresh rate to 120Hz the monitor goes black but the system is still on. I can open terminal and ‘blindly’ type commands. All other refresh modes works perfectly fine (even 144Hz after the newest driver - ver. 375.39, before that 144 was also causing problems). Can someone give advice on that?
I use this PC to work with 3D active shutter glasses. I can attach some logs if needed.

My specs:
Asus 3D monitor 2560x1440
Intel Xeon E3
Nvidia Quadro K5200
CentOS 6.8