change default ubuntu user pre-TX1 flashing

I’m new on the TX1 and Nvidia world, I been trying to find in the forums how I can change the default ubuntu user “ubuntu” before flash the S in to the TX1.

if I try to do it after, there are load of files that could be still linked/simlink and will cause havoc :)

I’m trying to deploy Jetpack 2.1 due some incompatibility with ROS and the ZED camera, but definitively want to change the default user

please help

I do not have details, but even in non-nVidia circles I’ve heard of many people wanting to change the user ubuntu to something else. It almost always sounds painful and not entirely successful. One thing I have heard of which does well is to create a second user with the same UID/GID of 1000. The login names would differ, but the file identities would be the same (using “ls -l” to see ID would probably show as “ubuntu” even if the new user created the file…or perhaps the other way around).

If this does not do the job, perhaps more information on what you are working around as a specific use-case would help.

Thank you, I didn’t thought about that, great idea, cheers!

I was thinking to just install the OS first, then crate a new user and delete the ubuntu user, follow by installing the rest of the SW, but I haven’t tried yet