Change font in CUDA WarpWatch?

I haven’t found a way to change the font settings for the CUDA WarpWatch window.

I looked in Tools>Options>Environment>Fonts and Colors but did not find anything.

The goal is to use a fixed-width font like Profont or Sheldon Narrow.

Any tips?


The WarpWatch windows would really benefit from using a smaller fixed-width font. They’re just too large even on a 24" 1920x1200 monitor.

Moar Columns! :)


I don’t believe this is currently possible. I have put in a feature request for you.


Thanks Jeff!

I’ve spent the last week almost entirely in Nsight 3.2 + VS2012 and am very much enjoying the latest release… except for the fonts in the CUDA WarpWatch and Info windows. I wish I could use ProFont 9 pt.

Who can I bribe or cajole or blackmail to enable smaller fixed-width fonts in the Nsight CUDA windows? :)

Hi Allan,

We’d like to get everything hooked up to the VS Tools > Options so you have full control over the fonts. Maybe the shortest term could be to make this a smaller font by default? What do you think?
A concern would be how things will look for users with different res monitors.


I look forward to being able to customize via the Tools>Options panel.

I’m normally using one 1920x1200 monitor (on left) out of three to display one WarpWatch and one Info panel. A second 1920x1200 is dedicated to VS2012 (on right) and the third (centered) is… Emacs!

The font feels a little big on these <100 dpi monitors but I can imagine it might be just right on a 2560x1440/1600 monitor.

I guess I can wait for the customization feature to be added in a future release. :(