Warp Watch

I just started using Warp Watch windows, and have a couple of requests:

  1. Please add a “Goto active warp…” menu so I don’t have to cycle through all warps.
  2. At least add keyboard shortcuts that don’t conflict with existing ones (Alt-N conflicts with the ANALYZE menu item). Better to have ctrl-key for Next & Previous Warps.

Or maybe Alt-1 for warp 1, etc.

Hi Robosmith,

On #1, are you referring to the CUDA info page? You can easily click on “Scroll to current focus” and it will show you the active warp in the view. The Warp Watch behaves like a regular Watch, in that, it will display the state related to the currently focused thread. What exactly is the scenario you are needing?

#2, we could add keybindings to those commands, the key is finding unused ones. For now, you can go to the Tools | Options … page, under Keyboard, and set a keybinding for those two commands, they should be listed under “Nsight.Cuda. …”

I was referring to the “next active” and “prev active” warp menu choices.

When I have a lot of warps to scroll through, I’d like to not have to do that, and just goto a particular one.

I tried this per your suggestion, and it does not seem to work.

I bound ctrl-8 to Next Warp and ctrl-2 to Prev Warp and ctrl-5 to Warp Watch 1, all for Visual Studio. None of them do anything.

OK, I tried the same bindings for Global and that works. Thanks.