Changing linux kernel boot parameters on Drive-PX2


I would like to add certain linux kernel boot options and reboot the system. I do not want to re-flash the system. On systems with grub, I used to add through the grub options. Was just curious how to add/remove/change linux kernel boot options on Drive-pX2 without flashing the system.

From the boot up logs on the console, it looks like MB2(TBoot-BCMP) is used, which I assume then loads u-boot to load the kernel. Not sure how to break in here and set the kernel boot options. Tried pressing “Esc” during boot, but it did not help.


Dear anup.pemmaiah,

Could you please refer to below link for this topic? Thanks.

Then download the kernel only without flashing the entire RFS and NOR using the bootburn “-R” option – -b -R

Hi Steve,

Really appreciate your response.I have couple of follow up questions, to get a better understanding based on your above comments. I have been following the link that you have pointed out to flash the boards all the time. Thank you for pointing out the “-R” bootburn option. Before I go ahead with your suggested method, just wanted to share the exact steps that I have been following to flash the board and what should I do next.

Process that I have been following to flash my board

  1. Compile the kernel as per the link(

  2. I have been just building the kernels. So I do steps 1-9 as per the link

  3. I then flash the board with the following command to flash tegra-b -b p2379c01-t186b -l

Now to set Kernel boot options

Question-1: Is there a way to break into the boot loader on the target during reboot and set the kernel boot option and then continue loading the kernel and bring the system up?

Question-2: If the answer to Question-1 is “NO”, then the next step I assume is the one you have suggested.

I have pasted the steps below that I am planning to follow. Please let me know if they are the correct steps.

Step-1: On the host
Set the correct os_args in vibrante-t186ref-foundation/pct/p2379c01-t186b/linux/linux_storage.cfg

: On the host -b p2379c01-t186b -R

Your comments will be very helpful.

Dear anup.pemmaiah,

Your step under Question-2 are the way to go, this should work. Thanks.