How to back up the kernel for drive-px2?

I cross-compiled the kernel for px2, added several device-drivers.

In the beginning, I flashed px2 with my kernel and found the system have many problems, it always restarted itself.

Now I have to re-flash the px2 with the original kernel and fixed several problems in my kernel.

But I don’t intend to flash it again and again, so I want to know is there any way to install my kernel and not destroy the original kernel on PX2?

Dear wenwu.deng,

Please use RCM boot or the “-R” option in bootburn – i.e., “./utils/scripts/bootburn/ -b p2379c01-t186a -R”

This assumes you following the instructions in the System Programming section of the docs to build the kernel and copy to the correct directory. Thanks.