Cheese command not working on JEtson AGX Xavier

My Jetpack version is 5.1.2
Camlink camera is SV10C-CL
Frame grabber card: Pixci mf2280

Cheese command is not working, even though I have connected a camera to the frame grabber card which is in turn connected through M2 Slot.

But my camera is working fine able to see video, capture image using third party tool called XCAP.

Please find the below error message when I execute “cheese” command as shown below:

$ cheese
** Message: 13:03:29.170: cheese-application.vala:214: Error during camera setup: No device found

(cheese:5069): cheese-CRITICAL **: 13:03:29.222: cheese_camera_device_get_name: assertion ‘CHEESE_IS_CAMERA_DEVICE (device)’ failed

(cheese:5069): GLib-CRITICAL **: 13:03:29.222: g_variant_new_string: assertion ‘string != NULL’ failed

(cheese:5069): GLib-CRITICAL **: 13:03:29.223: g_variant_ref_sink: assertion ‘value != NULL’ failed

(cheese:5069): GLib-GIO-CRITICAL **: 13:03:29.223: g_settings_schema_key_type_check: assertion ‘value != NULL’ failed

(cheese:5069): GLib-CRITICAL **: 13:03:29.223: g_variant_get_type_string: assertion ‘value != NULL’ failed

(cheese:5069): GLib-GIO-CRITICAL **: 13:03:29.223: g_settings_set_value: key ‘camera’ in ‘org.gnome.Cheese’ expects type ‘s’, but a GVariant of type ‘(null)’ was given

(cheese:5069): GLib-CRITICAL **: 13:03:29.223: g_variant_unref: assertion ‘value != NULL’ failed

** (cheese:5069): CRITICAL **: 13:03:29.223: cheese_preferences_dialog_setup_resolutions_for_device: assertion ‘device != NULL’ failed

as you can see… cheese/README at master · GNOME/cheese · GitHub

To get your camera working with cheese, you will have to ensure that it works
with the Gstreamer Framework and Video4Linux2 (V4L2) or Video4Linux (V4L). To
test this, you can use the ‘gstreamer-properties’ tool.

After referring to this link:

With this below command, I was able to capture a MONOCHROME image successfully.

$ gst-launch-1.0 v4l2src device=/dev/video0 ! videoconvert! videoscale ! video/x-raw, width=1280, height=1024 ! autovideosink -v

I can set my camera to another bayer video format which is “GRBG”. But it throws error" Internal data stream error…" for the same gst-launch-1.0 command when the camera is set to “GRGB” pixelformat mode.

Any idea why?
Does not this gstreamer does not support Bayer pixel format capture?

hello nagesh_accord,

v4l2src plugin it doesn’t support bayer formats.
please refer to developer guide for Camera Architecture Stack.

Cannot we use a gstreamer bayer2rgb converter to convert extracted Bayer format picture from v4l2 to RGB and display ??

Can you pls point me to some sample command where we can use this converter within the gstreamer command

Ok. But I was able to capture the grey and bayer images both using the v4l2grab.c sample program with some minor modifications( changing the pixer format to ‘grey’ or ‘grbg’ depending on the video output format mode I had set.

Note: These sample program uses Libv4l Userspace Library as shown in the below link:

We need to compile these programs using the below gcc commands by passing the parameters “-lv4l1” and “-lv4l2”:

“$gcc v4l2grab_Bayer_GRBG.c -lv4l1 -lv4l2 -o v4l2grab_Bayer_GRBG”
“$gcc v4l2grab_Grey_Monochrome.c -lv4l1 -lv4l2 -o v4l2grab_Grey_Monochrome”

v4l2grab_Bayer_GRBG.c.txt (5.8 KB)
v4l2grab_Grey_Monochrome.c.txt (5.8 KB)

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