Chromium Vulkan Crashes and fallsback to OpenGL on L4T 32.4.X+

Using Chromium (tested 108-111) with Vulkan enabled and sandbox disabled (so that chromium can access the nvgpu kernel /proc nodes), chromium Vulkan renderer fails to initialize 3 times before falling back to the OpenGL based renderer on L4T 32.4.X-32.7.X

You can launch chromium with vulkan enabled and sandbox disabled from command line like so

chromium-browser --no-sandbox --use-vulkan --enable-features=Vulkan

L4T 32.3.1 does not have this issue and Vulkan successfully initializes in Chromium.

I am aware that the userspace GPU drivers were rebased to be based on the desktop 418 driver series with 32.4.X and have note been rebased since in the L4T 32.X.X series.

For more information, if we flash Jetson Nano developer kit through SDKManger, run this command and it fails:

chromium-browser --no-sandbox --use-vulkan --enable-features=Vulkan

Not sure if executing above steps can replicate the issue. Or need additional steps. Please help check and confirm it.

Define what you mean by fails. Do you get errors in the log? Is chromium even installed? Post the output from the command here.

You should see the browser window open and flash 3 times and errors in the terminal log related to vulkan initialization failure.

Thanks for the information. We will set up Jetpack 4.6.3/Jetson Nano and try.

@DaneLLL any update on this? I’m hoping for this driver bug to be fixed in the next release.

We have not reproduced the issue on Jetson Nano. Would be great if you can share the steps so that we can try.

@DaneLLL it would be great if you would actually re-read the issue before posting.

Please refer to the first post and your own response for one step.

appears to be working again on r32.7.4 and chromium 112

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