Collision Issues in rep.randomizer.scatter_2d

Hello everyone,

Issue with the function: ‘rep.randomizer.scatter_2d’

I have two meshes,

Mesh a) Downloaded from a web site: Download Popsicle Bag 001 3D Models for free | Freepik
Mesh b) modeled from scratch using Maya and Adobe Substance

So, i created a scenario with some instances of both meshes in replicator (Mesh a and Mesh b)

The issue is that the function rep.randomizer.scatter_2d can perfectly avoid colision for Mesh a but not to mesh b. The figure shows an example of colision avoidance working for mesh a and not working for mesh b.

I compared botyh meshes in Blender (OBJ format) and in Omniverse Composer (USD Format), and as far as my knowledge goes I could not found any difference related to configuration parameter and structure.

There issome specific configuration that i must set up in Composer to guarantee that the colision avoidance (da função rep.randomizer.scatter_2d) will work for any mesh that i need to put in scenario?


Hi, can you share your replicator script with the scatter functions that is used to generate this? It may need a few tweaks.