Compiling on a different computer

I have PGI Workstation 12.5 for Mac OS X installed on a Mac running Lion. I brought the drive to a remote location that has a similar Mac and inserted the drive. When I boot up with Lion, I can’t run the compiler. The error message is
“Invalid hostid on SERVER line”. This is followed by 16 lines that refer to the license being disabled from various features.

What do I need to do to run PGI Workstation on the remote Mac? Thanks for any help!

PGI node-locked licenses are for one machine, one user.

Our floating licenses allow for more than one user seat, and all the
clients share the same license server. With a floating license you
can ‘borrow’ a seat for up to a week to use off network.

To use a node-locked license on a new machine, you generate a license
for the new machine, install it, and remove the PGI installation from your
current machine.

One suggestion is to look at
for the ability to use the compiler on other systems.