Running without root?

Is it possible to have the user start the license manager himself? We have no reason to have it running on all 5 net booted login nodes when it’s node locked to one node for one user to use half a dozen times a year. Is it possible for an end user to install and run the compiler with a node locked license if he doesn’t have root privs?

Users can start the license daemons without needing to be root. The actual license file will need to be readable to the user, of course.

You can use the lmgrd.rc startup and set FLEXLM_USER to that username. Or he or she can run the daemon straight from the shell.

That looks promising, but the machine it is node locked for has a public and a private host names on our cluster.

13:10:28 (lmgrd) “”: Not a valid server hostname, exiting.
13:10:28 (lmgrd) Valid license server system hosts are: “”
13:10:28 (lmgrd) Using license file “/apps/pkgs/PGI/license.dat”

Both host names are valid, but the default needs to stay the internal one. What can I do?