multiple user license?

I purchased a license to PGI Accelerator Fortran Workstation through my machine vendor. At the time, I thought the only limit was installation on a single node. Instead, we have only been able to have 1 person using the PGI compiler on the machine at any given time. Is there a version of the license that allows multiple users on a single node-locked machine? Or do I have to purchase and install a network license? If so, is there a possibility to upgrade my current license to either of these?


Nevermind, I answered my own question by checking out the PGI Server page. My resulting question is, is there a maximum of 1 license/node or 1 license per MAC address? Seems to me that the 2 user license is 4x as expensive, so intuition says the licensing process wouldn’t just allow me to buy multiple single-user licenses.

Hi bdkaplin,

The PGI Workstation product uses a node-locked license and allows the compilers to be used by multiple users on the same system, but just not at the exact same time.

The PGI Server product uses a floating license which allows the compilers to be installed on any system within your internal network. The only limit being the number concurrent users. This is why is more expensive.

Please contact PGI Sales ( if you need specific information about your account.

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