Configuring Xavier PCIE for ST60-2230C-PU

I am attempting to get a Laird WLAN module working (ST60-2230C-PU) but it only supports 32-bit DMA. I am having trouble determing the bus width of the AGX Xavier.

According to this post, the nano requires some additional configuration to enable SMMU for allocating 32-bit DMA buffers. But another post I found for the AGX seems to indicate that the SMMU is enabled by default.

Is the AGX Xavier PCIE bus configured as 32bit or 64bit?

If it is 64bit can it be reconfigured for 32bit?


After working with Laird support it turned out I had downloaded the wrong firmware version for the module. The ST60-2230C-PU seems to work on the AGX Xavier without any modification of the PCIE bus!