Connect jetson nano from windows 10

hello.I can not connect to jetson nano from windows
I recieved this error:

connecting to sesman ip port 3350
sesman connect ok
sending login info to session manager, please wait…
login failed for display 0

how can i solve this problem?

What interface are you using? Are you trying to use xrdp?

FYI, is the same machine you run the command from. If you are on Windows and refer to, then you are attempting to have Windows talk to itself. If you are on Windows and want to talk to the Jetson, then you need to know the Jetson’s address. If it is the micro-B USB connector pretending to be an ethernet device, then probably you want address If the Jetson is connected via wired ethernet to the same router, or WiFi to the same router, then you need the address of whatever is assigned to the actual Jetson. To see addresses in a Jetson you can run the command “ifconfig”.

I’m using windows and trying to connect to jetson from windows. When I enter the address, I get this error. Am I entering the wrong address?

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-22 at 02.01.50


IP address will never work for talking to an outside computer. The might work. What is the full “ifconfig” output from the Jetson? Can your Windows PC, from a DOS prompt, successfully run command “ping”? If not, then there is still a network issues.

It might help if you could post the full output on the Jetson for “ifconfig” and “route”.

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