Jetson Nano 2G ssh @ connection timed out in Windows10

I had an advice from @linuxdev. I make a new topic and share my difficulty.

When I tried to use Headless mode and connected with Jetson Nano 2GB in using USB-cable and Windows Power Shell, ‘ssh @ connection timed out’ happened very often.

When I checked IPv4 in Jetson Nano, the number of it is different from the one in the guide.

Dell inspiron 3501
Window10 Home 64bit

using Wifi
no Ethernet Cable

on Device-Manager, the other device: CDC NCM (this is Jetson Nano 2GB, I think)
PC port: USB type-A
Jetson Nano: USB type-B
USB cable: 1.2m USB 2.0
Jetpack 4.6 installed in Jetson Nano 2GB Developer kit

IPv4 in the guide:
IPv4 in Jetson Nano (in which Jetpack 4.6 installed) :

in Window’s Powershell I filled the following number:
ssh @

So I can make it, and the connection is stable.

Also, I can use the same IPv4 number in entering Jupyter Notebook.

Some notes, just to organize a bit, not really an answer yet…

The address is not from the micro-B USB cable virtual networking. On the Jetson though the screenshots make it nearly impossible to see which address belongs to what, so can you post the output (on the Jetson) from “ifconfig” and “iwconfig”?

This next will probably seem a bit strange, but a Linux machine can be used to self-debug in some cases. If on the Jetson you monitor “dmesg --follow”, and then you connect the micro-B USB cable at one end to the Jetson, and the other end to the full-sized USB type-A connector, what shows up in “dmesg --follow” from that cable plugging in?

Btw, you could “ssh”, but I doubt “ssh @” is valid unless it is a “Windows thing”. However, let’s say the account name on the Jetson is “nano”; then you could use “ssh nano@”…notice how the “@” is always used with an account name. This of course won’t help since the connection times out…such an error indicates whoever you’ve run the ssh connection attempt to isn’t “answering” (different than no route, which would be network failure…in this case the network route seems to exist, but the ssh server is not even allowing an attempt to use it). I suspect you can ping unless there is a firewall in the way, so does ping work? For example, from Windows:

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