Jetson nano is not connecting to my computer with remote desktop connection on windows 10

When I try to connect Jetson nano to my computer via remote desktop connection in windows 10, only the splash screen with the NVIDIA logo comes up, then the program quits. What can be the problem? Meanwhile, I use 5v 2a adapter.

Hi @ondereserr,

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Hi ondereserr,

Are you using micro-usb power supply[J28] or power jack[J25]?
Can your Nano boot to Desktop success if not using remote connection?

I’m using micro-usb power supply. It works when connected to any screen with an HDMI cable. However, I cannot connect to another computer using the remote desktop connection program.

Hi ondereserr,

Please connect micro-USB cable on J28 port.
If you need use device mode on windows10, you need connect micro-USB cable from host to target before system boot-up.