Connecting display to Jetson Tx1


I’m trying to connect a display to the Jetson TX1 J23 connector via an adapter board. The analog power supply of the display requires a 3V voltage, but the pin I want to connect from the module(VDD_DIS_3V3_LCD), has a 3.3V output.

The description of the pin says it´s a gated 3.3V analog supply.

Can I use an IC driver or a simple voltage divider to get the voltage I want(like a digital signal), or should I use something else?

Thanks in advance

Hi, it depends on the request of your display device, mostly it has more strict limits for the analog power supply.

Hi Trumany!

Its minimum voltage required is 2.8V, and its maximum voltage is 3.2V.

I figured I should connect the VDD_DIS_3V3_LCD pin since it’s an analog power supply, but I lack information about the charateristics of this signal.

Could you help in that regard?

Seems you’d better to use a dedicated power supply for it.

Thanks for answering!