Connecting two ethernet MDI ports together on one board, no transformers


I’m interested in connecting two Nano boards together on a custom PCB and have them communicate by ethernet. I’m wondering if there is a safe and reliable way to connect the two MDI ports together with no magnetics to save cost and board space.

I’ve seen suggestions of placing capacitors inline between the connections. I’m wondering if anyone has experience with this and what they might share. I don’t imagine this is specific to one chip but every chip might have its own quirks.

I’m not sure if this would look like a MDx+ to MDx- connection or maybe MD0+ to MD3+ in a crossover type connection. Any advice is greatly appreciated!


Hi, we have no recommendation on this. For two nano boards connection, the ethernet connector and cable design is what we suggested by now.

Hi Trumany,

Yes, that is what we are doing now with two boards but I was hoping for a more efficient connection on one board. I suppose it isn’t guaranteed to work and I shouldn’t try. Perhaps there is a hub/switch chip that I can find that will provide a better interface to go between them. I will keep searching and any assistance is welcome in that regard as well.


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