Controlling lidar lite-v3 Garmin using Jetson Nano and python language

Hello guy’s,
Can anyone tell me how I can use lidar lite-v3 Garmin using Jetson Nano in python language.
Thank you!

You’ll probably want to post this in the Nano forum:

I can’t answer details, but I looked up that Garmin and it says it can use either PWM or i2c. You’d want to use the i2c, which means someone will need to tell you how to set up i2c with your particular Nano model (e.g., if a dev kit, versus some other carrier board, instructions will possibly differ). I suppose PWM would work, but I think i2c is a better choice when available. Here is a starting point regarding i2c:
(Python language would differ somewhat, but mostly you will be able to see what is being shown in C)

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