Could not find compatible graphics hardware (GT 330M, cuda 7.5)

OS: Win 10 (64 bit)
Graphics: GT 330M
Driver: 341.81
Cuda: 7.5
VS: 2013 community

I’d like to try cpu acceleration for theano, however GT 330M is really an old graphics.

  1. I found GT 330M was on this list
  2. I updated driver to 341.81 by GeForce Experience.
  3. I installed cuda 7.5. (using the 341.81 rather than 353.90)

After all, nvcc is under the path, but no example was produced.
I build the deviceQuery in my VS 2013, but the output was failed.

So,how could I install cuda successfully and use it in theano?
Or which cuda version should I install?

You can’t use CUDA 7.5 with the 341.81 driver (or the GT330M).

The last cuda version that supported your GPU is CUDA 6.5