"CPU Bootloader is not running on device" happens then flash fails

Flashing jetpack 4.4 on Jstson AGX XAVIER 2888 model keeps failing with errors from CPU Bootloader is not running on device. I also saw a message that BootRom was not running. Is this a known issue or is there something I can do to resolve?


Are you using a VM? VMs tend to lose USB connection during flash (the Jetson repeatedly connects and disconnects during flash…even if connected at the start, a VM tends to fail reconnects).

Yes. VirtualBox. Is there a workaround? Not sure if usb issue.

VM is not stable and we claim not support flashing on VM for this reason. Please try with native ubuntu host if possible.

If you learn enough about VirtualBox USB configuration you might be able to find a way to always dedicate that device or port and get around the issue. Sometimes people do get it to work. Native Linux install is simpler.