CPU Profiling with NSight or perf or gprof


I’m working with an algorithm which is currently executed on only CPU. I would like to profile the execution time of called functions and see the result in call graph. I’ve tried three options so far. I’m working on Nvidia Tegra Px 2 hardware with the Drive version of

  1. NSight CPU profiling
    I’ve tried to enable the CPU profiling in the NSight and neither on the CPU tab nor on the timeline view there were no information about the CPU calls.
    Moreover every time I’ve reopened the profile settings, the check box related about the CPU profiling was unchecked.

  2. perf
    Executing the command the PX2 I’ve got the following warning:
    perf not found for kernel 4.4.38-rt49

  3. gprof
    I’ve added the -p and -pg compiler option for aarch64 compiler. I was able to compile the code, but after I’ve executed the executable file, no *.out created.

How is it possible - if possible - profile the CPU execution time and call graph of PX2 program?

Dear marton.csutoras,
Please check Tegra system profiler to get trace and profiling information