Create Variants within Omniverse

Is it possible to create Variant property from within Omniverse? I can’t find this option in the UI. Was trying to achieve this without coding: Authoring Variants — Universal Scene Description 22.08 documentation

I have tried the Variants on Omniverse with the Create Script Console.
And I used this same code you quote: Authoring Variants — Universal Scene Description 22.08 documentation

This is the result after executing the code from the article “Authoring Variants” in Omniverse Create:
This creates a sphere with Blue Color, and other 2 options to choose: Red and Green.

But I couldn’t find an option within Omniverse. I could only do it with the Script Console D:
This option would be very useful within Omniverse, it could switch materials by authoring Variants without the Script Console.

I have a question for the Omniverse Team:
Can Variants be used to choose different Weight Meshes to interchange them and see different objects with the same Skeletal Mesh and same SkelAnimation?
I tried it. I can switch between different objects with the same Skeletal Mesh, but the animation stops when I choose another variant :(

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Yes, I can only do it from script as well. It will be great if there’s a way to modify the properties and then have an option to ‘Save as Variant’.

Hello @qazs & thanks for the help @VanillaLake! I brought this post to the developers attention. We should hear back shortly!

Hello @qazs! The development team informed me that they are working on an extension for variant authoring (Internal Ticket OM-42399)

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Any updates on this ? we started using omniverse for production and we reached a point where we need to make the variantSet directly inside of Create because this time it would be a shading variant.

Hello @m.oumoumad! The development team working on this feature. I informed them that this request is in high demand. I’ll post back when I have any updates!

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