Creating rigidPrim with prim_path to a joint creates segfault

Hi, in our application we need to access the pose of different joints in worldframe. To do this we use a RigidPrim. I.e joint1 = RigidPrim(“/World/Robot/Link1/Joint1”). This works fine when running on cpu, however when using gpu pipeline this gives a segmation fault. We also noticed that creating a RigidPrimView that point to a link ie RigidPrim(“/World/Robot/Link0”) works fine both on GPU and CPU.
We have created a minimal example to reproduce the issue. We’ll add that in the comments!

Here is a folder with a minimal example: (25.8 KB)

Also, is this the “correct” approach to access prim positions?

Hi there, thanks for sharing the repro. For GPU-based RigidPrimView APIs, they have to be applied to rigid bodies in the scene and not joints. You can try adding dummy bodies to the joint locations and track the body transforms instead, or directly use RigidPrim or RigidPrimView to track body links.