Cs:GO weird colors on textures

I have this issue too. Just look at the van , shadows seems blue.

Nvidia Bug Report attached
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (96.4 KB)

That’s a general lighting bug in CS:GO, happens from time to time on any hardware/OS.

But after that happened i played Bioshock Infinite and colors were distorted on it too.

Then i did a restart to pc and it was fixed.

With CS:GO on WinOS, switching resolution back and forth often fixes it.
Since this problem stayed resident across games until reboot, this might be the know memory management bug in drivers >=380. When you see this, use nvidia-smi to check the VMem usage to confirm. Though there’s no fix yet but to revert to 375/378 drivers.

Ok , next time i see this issue i will check nvidia-smi and report it.

It happened again just now and i checked it via nvidia-smi.

Mem usage was 1020 mb. Which my card has 4 gb.

Fix your crosshair placement, might not help you with your bug, but will definitely fix your game. ;)