Odd colors around light areas

Using 310 and 295 series drivers, in Red Orchestra 2 via Crossover I am having really odd coloring around areas where light hits. See screenshot one and screenshot two where the problem isn’t as bad and distinctly shows the problematic areas, and screenshot three and screenshout four where it is really an issue.

I googled about, and this other person on Windows is having an issue as well, mentioning it to be a bad video card and this happening on all Unreal-engine based games.

I’ve contacted Crossover support in regards to this, and they mentioned they have not heard this issue reported for RO2 nor Unreal engines either on Wine’s bug database or on their own, and concluded that it is a driver issue.

How can I fix this?

Thank you!

Here is the nvidia-bug-report log.

Here is the nvidia-bug-report log.

Any ideas/support?

What if you turn all sort of antialiasing off?

I tried all sorts of AA, and no AA, but that wasn’t it.

However, I disabled ‘override application setting’ for anisotrophic filtering in driver settings, and that fixed the issue!

I had it at 8x before, and that gave the red dots their thickness. I set it at 2x and the thickness became way smaller - and disabling it fixed it altogether.