CSI-2 Ports Pin 1 Position Wrong in Docs?

On Connectors J20 and J21, it is important to know where pin 1 is Physically Located, as that is the Camera Power +3.3 VDC. Many other carriers and cameras have Pin 22 as VCC_3C3 and Pin 1 as a ground. This is a great way to smoke a flat ribbon cable, just saying for a friend :-)

Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit Carrier Board Specification SP-11324-001_v1.1 | May 2023 Figure 1-4. Jetson Orin Nano Carrier Board Placement – Top View shows an arrow pointing to the bottom of the 22 pin connector.

Page 18 points to the connector specification as … "The connector used on the carrier board is a Molex Japan Part #54548-2272. "

Downloading both the PDF and the Step file from Molex we see that, when in the correct orientation, that pin 1 is actually located at the top of the board.
Camera Connector 545482272_sd.pdf (725.1 KB)

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If this were not the case the working RPI V2 would be polarity reversed I think.
This connector desperately needs to be ditched for a keyed connector.

Also, it doesnt help that a flat ribbon cable facing two 22 pin connectors is an automatic reversal…pzzzzzt.

Thanks for the finding. The carrier board specification doc is wrong. It should be as below showing in P3768_A04 PCB assembly file. The specification doc will be corrected. Thanks.

Thank you Trumany.

Yes I did see that document as well. What confused me is that the assembly drawing is titled for the Orin NX.


Yes, I do know that the Orin nano and NX are pin compatible and can run on the same dev board. But it seemed to me that there might have once been an Orin NX carrier board, even though I could not find one.

My apologies, I am new to NVIDEA and excited to be here for my second career :-)