CSV File mapping option in 3Ds Max plugin

I installed the Omniverse plugin for 3Ds Max to export the files in USD format, but I am facing issues in mapping the texture maps. When I export, only a few maps are exported along with the USD. I think this is due to the names of texture maps. There is a setting in the export window “CSV Mapping Files” for Exporting MDL materials. I want to know how to create this CSV file to use for export from 3Ds Max to USD with proper materials and texture maps. According to my understanding of the documentation, this file will hold the names of our texture maps and convert them to USD compatible names so that they can be easily imported into Omniverse.

Hi @user126085! I have reached out to the team for more information on how to use the CSV texture mapping function. I will post back when I have more information!

The csv map actually doesn’t map to textures it maps to existing mdl materials. so if you have a material named Brick in 3dsmax, upon export you can replace Brick with some other material on Omniverse during export.

We’ll update the 3dsmax documentation here. However, it works pretty much the same as from our AEC connectors, such as Revit. You can see this documentation here. Revit — Omniverse Connect documentation (nvidia.com)

Thank you for your question and I hope this helps you.