CUDA Driver on AMD Firepro GPU

Hi all,
I have dell precision t3610 machine with two AMD Firepro 2270 GPU, both have 512 mb. my issue is I want to run one third party software for audio-video rendering which requires CUDA. my question is can i install CUDA driver over AMD, as CUDA belongs to Nvidia ?
if it is possible then what is the stability of the system in future as this is not recommended by below link:

And if everything is fine then how/where to find a proper CUDA driver for my AMD Firepro 2270.
Details are below:
Hardware details:
Graphics Card: AMD FirePro 2270 - 512 MB
Total Memory Bandwidth in GByte/s: 9.6 GByte/s

Software details:
AMD Driver Packaging Version: 14.301.1010-141101a-177541C-Retail_End_User
2D Driver Version:
Direct3D Version:
OpenGL Version:

Any kind of help is appreciated.

CUDA only works on Nvidia GPUs.

Also that particular AMD GPU is really old and weak and you can spend $200 on a new Nvidia GPU which will be sufficient for most tasks.