CUDA.NET + VS2008 SP1/ VS 2010 Problems with compilation of projects

I’ve tried to compile test projects from CUDA.NET library 2.3.7 to test work with CUDA from .NET.
Post-build commands in the settings of .NET project were:
nvcc --cubin
I’ve got error code -1
Then I’ve tried to spcecify the path to nvcc and got error 9009
Then I’ve compiled from VS command line and got error during execution of .NET program.
There was exception that there is no such module, although test.cubin was in the same folder as .NET program.
The same situation with CUDA.NET 3.0. The same situation with VS2010.
I think that there are some problems with CUDA Toolkit 3.2 or something else.
C++ samples, working with CUDA, were compiled in VS2008 SP1 and executed without any problems.