CUDA toolkit unpack without install?

Hi folks,
I’ve downloaded the install for Ubuntu 11.10 from the CUDA Downloads page. I want to understand what I’m getting into before I actually install, so want to unpack first. I can run the runnable installation file using the -extract argument to unpack it to three runnable sub installers, one of which is for cudatoolkit.

But when I try to unpack that using the -extract argument, it presents a license agreement, and then wants to perform the installation (prompts for install location, suggests /usr/local/cuda-5.0).

I just want the files unpacked. How do I make that happen?



The CUDA 5.5 RC is released. You can download via CUDA Registered Developer Program (

Thanks for your response, but this doesn’t appear to have anything to do with my question. I simply want to know how to unpack the contents of the CUDA installers without actually installing them. Thanks,

– Graham

You should be able to run the installer with --tar mxvf to extract it. Or, you could just install it to a temp directory.

Thanks Tamarzan, that worked.