Current consumption of Jetson Nano

I have recently acquired a Jetson Nano.
My intention is to use it in an embeded system, so I need to connect it to a battery. For this I need to size the battery.
Could someone tell me where I can find any graph of current consumption? Is there any current peak in the starting stages? If that was the case, what value would it have?. Anyone could tell me where to find this information?

In addition, I would like to know if when connecting a device via USB, its consumption is directly added to the consumption of the Jetson Nano, that is, if I connect a USB camera device that consumes 0.6A, will the Jetson Nano consume 0.6A more?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Victor, referring to the Jetson Nano Developer Kit, you will want to supply at least 2A (ideally 2.5A, similar to the Micro-USB adapters listed on this post and in the Jetson Nano Supported Components List). For more info, please see the Power Guide section and Power Budget Considerations of the Jetson Nano Developer Kit User Guide. If you want your battery to be smaller, you could also consider running the Nano in 5W mode (nvpmodel -m 1)

Note that you can also monitor the power usage in realtime once the system boots by running the ‘sudo tegrastats’ command and looking at POM_5V_IN (which is displayed in milliamps). For documentation on the tegrastats output, see here.

Assuming these USB devices are plugged straight into the devkit and not into an externally-powered USB hub, then yes they will result in added current draw and power consumption from the devkit. Depending on how many peripherals you plan to attach, you may need to size up your battery.

If you wish to try a Micro-USB battery pack for convienience, there are a couple of those on the wiki:

Otherwise you would want to plug your battery into the 5V IN pins on J41 (which can recieve up to 3A per pin or 6A total) or the barrel jack (up to 4A).

Thanks for your answer!
You have been helpful