Cursor hangs and lags in ubuntu 23.10 on GTX 1660

I just did a fresh install of Ubuntu 23.10 and now I am experiencing heavy lag with my mouse. The cursor hangs and then after a little bit it jumps to where it should have gone. I am using the recommended 535 driver. I tried to switch to the nouveau driver, but then I just got a black screen on boot. I haven´t used this machine for a year or so, but I recall having some similar issues in Ubuntu 22.04 which I sadly can´t remember how was fixed.
nvidia-bug-report.log (2.3 MB)

The mouse is a Logitech MX Anywhere 2s with unifying receiver which I have tried in all USB slots. I have also tried with another receiver.

I tried switching to
(open kernel) metapackage from nvidia-driver-535-open
which will only detect one of my two monitors.

I tried switching to Nouveau driver and start in recovery mode which appeared to make the lag much less.
Recovery mode gave me the following error: “Bluetooth: hci0: Malformed MSFT vendor event: 0x02”

There are sporadic AER messages from your nvme, please check if setting kernel parameter pci=noaer helps with the lags.