What is the current recommended driver for NVIDIA+Xorg in Ubuntu 22.04?

Hey there.

I have an RTX 3080 and having troubles with the NVIDIA driver in ubuntu 22.04. It is laggy, compared to previous ubuntu releases. There are issues with wayland, that block me from switching to.

Which driver is the recommended one for this setup? 515?

Maybe this? https://forums.developer.nvidia.com/t/ubuntu-22-04-vsync-bug-performance-issues-nvidia-settings-and-steam-proton-dont-apply/229260
Nvidia driver bug triggered by hi-dpi mouse.


hmm that thread contains references to issues that I am also facing.
However, I don’t see how that answers my question.

The recommended driver would be 515.65, the 515.76 being buggy on some hardware.

Hi there, I am using 515.65 rn and the issue described in my post is very much visible.


Workaround: Turning both vsync and page flipping off in the Nvidia Control Panel via nvidia-settings helps and reduces the performance drop, but it’s not an optimal solution bc now videos, webbrowsers and even games have lots of tearing.

Does that help reduce the issue on your machine?


not sure how introducing another issue constitutes a fox pf the original one.

But thanks for the suggestion, I’ll try it out.

@Sturmlocke Tried it, got a lot of tearing and didn’t really help much in the lagginess and excessive CPU load

For example when opening imgur.com, and trying to drag around the chrome window, the lag is visible.
When I try to drag a file manager on top of it, like nemo, the problem is even more exacerbated, the lag becomes unmanageable. This with or without your recommendation to switch vsync and page flipping off. I even tried playing around with Vulkan backend (enabled and disabled, in chrome://flags), but no difference as well.

525 driver fixed the issue for me