The 525 driver on ubuntu 22.04.2 fixed the opengl issues initially but it's not really the case

Hey there,

I have a big and expensive GPU 3080. My experience with Ubuntu 20 was fine.

Right now with ubuntu 22, the performance of the GPU connected via display port is worse than what I get on some embedded graphics card on t16 lenovo laptop, which is unacceptable.

I’ve tried multiple things, like updating to latest mesa drivers, going to kernel v6.2, having all my libraries as upgraded as possible, but the issue still persists.

Please fix this, it’s crazy that official drivers from NVIDIA offer worse performance than embedded graphics on a laptop…

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I can’t find the driver for 22.04.2 which one are you using? I only see: nvidia-driver-525_525.89.02-0ubuntu0.22.04.1

530.30.02 solves it for me with cuda 12.1

530 is not yet available in Proprietary GPU Drivers : “Graphics Drivers” team for 22.04

530.41.03 is now available. I’ve installed it. So far it looks better.