Ubuntu 22.04 + 2080ti +any 5xx drivers

Hi everyone!

I tried, I really tried (I promise) all of the solutions to bring a new machine to 22.04 with 2080Ti I am updating my machine to 22.04 (and even with a fresh installation)

The issue is as follows: any of the drivers from the 5xx series, block the machine, also if I go back to Ubuntu 18.04 and 4xx driver series, the GPU works and I can run both CUDA and container kits without any problems.

Attached is my nvidia-bug-report.gz – I would hugely appreciate it if someone could take a peek and perhaps point me in the right direction. Many many thanks in advance.

–David Cardozo
nvidia-bug-report.log (312.0 KB)

Neousys board, see