Mouse gets ridiculously slow after driver update on ubuntu

laptop : asus rog m16 i7 127000 geforce rtx 3060

i started running ubuntu 22.04 and upgraded to 22.10 and ran that just fine for many months until last week. i did an update/upgrade and the mouse started not tracking well, when i move it at a normal speed it freezes and then jumps in the direction i was moving it. also video playback got weird, when i play a video it shows the first frame, and only updates to a new frame when i pause it…and only that frame until i pause it again.

so i tried several other distros, popos, opensuse (both tumbleweed and leap) ubuntu 22.10…all with the same issues.

so then i tried 22.04.05 and 22.04.02 the mouse worked fine in the installer of 22.04.05 but the installer froze a bunch… 22.04.02 installed fine but when i updated to nvidia drivers the mouse lag returned. and i had the same issue with manjaro.

so i installed windows 11, and as far as i could tell everything worked fine, i could change graphics mode etc. no lag… i dont use windows so i cant be sure if it was all working right but it seemed to.

not sure what to do, but it seems to be the drivers. could really use a hand.

Please run as root and attach the resulting nvidia-bug-report.log.gz file to your post.